People... Environment

A continuous commitment, respecting Earth and its inhabitants….

Pressofusione Saccense is conscious of its environmental responsibilities in relation to its production and commercial activities. The main target of our environmental policy is the continuous improvement of our production in order to reduce any negative impact on environment and guarantee safety at workplace

Environmental Managment System
In order to coordinate and monitor all activities regarding Environment protection Pressofusione Saccense  introduced an Environmental Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001 standards.

According to its Environmental Management System the company shall:

- Respect all current applicable laws regarding environment protection and workplace safety
- Prevent any kind of pollution
- Reduce any production waste and encourage recycling whenever possible
- Convey the importance of environmental responsibilities to its employees, suppliers and customers

Respecting Environment...

Protection of the environment and the follow up of high environmental standards proceeds together with the improvement of the production quality and is an important value for our corporate decision making process.