Die-casting is a technological process that, through the injection of cast metal (light alloys) into steel tools, realizes solid items with geometries that can be very close to the finished products.
Tolerances of few hundredths can be reached and the part, depending on its geometry, can be free of porosity or with pores max. size of 0.1/0.2mm. Tightness is guaranteed also without making impregnation.

In our die-casting area there are 15 completely automated production lines from 200t to 660t for die-casting and trimming of aluminium alloys parts.
In order to guarantee that products have an high quality level and comply with customers standards we carry out at regular intervals chemical analysis of the alloy, quality checks of porosity with x-rays equipment, sample machining and micrograph of the important areas.
Moreover all the usual dimensional and gauge inspections are regularly performed.