We don’t apply spark erosion in our tools manufacturing. Tools are produced through milling with 5-axes CNC-machines and machining speed till 28.000 revolutions per minute. The decision to avoid spark-erosion is corroborated by several investigations which showed that spark erosion damages the tool steel and therefore the tool lifetime.

Tools are manufactured using steels specifically suitable for the geometry of the cast part, if necessary we use also steels with various compositions. Hardening is carried out internally in order to guarantee an even result regarding metallographic structure.  

Beside there are some pictures of steel samples

No.1: Steel sample processed with spark erosion. Acid etching: NITAL5
No.2: Steel sample of an exhausted tool showing an area with high heating and mechanical
          stress. Without etching
No.3: Steel sample hardened and tempered: Acid etching: NITAL5
No.4: Steel sample hardened and tempered: Acid etching: NITAL5