2015/2016 Bosch Global Supplier Award
Partners in Success...we are always with the best ones!
Success in an increasingly connected and digitized world requires strong and reliable partnerships.
Pressofusione Saccense's outstanding performance and exemplary teamwork
contributed to Bosch´s global success.
German high technology honors Italian quality: Pressofusione Saccense is one of the best among more than 35.000 suppliers!!!!
We are proud to receive once again this award, thanks to far-seeing management of the previous generation who has always shown high quality and competence.
Today this success is still confirmed, this is an award for our dedication to technology and innovation but above all this honors the exemplary cooperation. 

Status of Preferred Supplier of the Bosch Group since 2012
Bosch awards this status to those suppliers who show superior competence and performance.

2010 Regional Award "Marco Polo"
On 19th November 2010 during a ceremony organized by the Unioncamere and by the Chambers of Commerce Foreign Centre of the Veneto Region Pressofusione Saccense received the “Marco Polo Award” for its great contribution to the development of the international import-export movements of the region.

2005/2006  Bosch Supplir Award for the category die-casting
The art of Success. Welcome to the best!
Pressofusione Saccense has been presented the Bosch Supplier Award 2007 for the years 2005/2006 in the die-casting category. With this award, Bosch honored the company’s outstanding work in the creation and supply of products and services – especially with respect to reliability, quality, and pricing. The assessment criteria for the award also include communication and cooperation, as well as the willingness to continuously improve.
Bosch conferred its supplier award every two years since1987. The award is open to suppliers the world over. In 2007 the award was given in five categories to a total of 47 companies from 14 countries. This was the first time that Pressofusione won the award. The award-winners were honored at a ceremony in Stuttgart’s Staatsgalerie museum on July 4 2007.

  Siemens Supplier Award